Saturday, 30 June 2012

Comparison: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich vs Apple ios 5

Two great operating systems for smart phones and tablets launched within the last few weeks. Both iOS 5 from Apple and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from Google have impressed their respective constituencies.
Apple fanboys will never appreciate anything remotely connected to Google’s Android operating system & Android lovers would rarely appreciate Apple’s latest operating system, while the two OS come with numerous interesting features and capabilities.
iOS 5 and ice cream sandwich come with many innovative features. Android 4 is the first unified version for tablets and smart phone and it comes with improved voice commands, and facial recognition features. On the other hand Apple’s latest operating system boasts of many great features including BlackBerry type messaging service called iMessag besides of course iCloud and Siri.
Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS 5 come with great voice commands features. Siri’s voice recognition app makes a real difference when it comes to voice commands. Many smart phone analysts say that Siri is going to be a real game changer in favor of Apple and its iOS, though only time will tell if it alone can make such a great impact.
Another important aspect that is going to make a real difference between iOS 5 and ice cream sandwich is how the two provide web browsing experience to users. Though in my view, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update gives an edge to Microsoft over the two, nonetheless Apple and Google have made significant improvement in OS recently. Google’s latest OS comes with a much improved Google Chrome browser that looked many times better than the previous browser available to Android users. On the other hand Apple iOS 5 has also received a much-needed Safari overhaul.
When it comes to multitasking Apple is a well-known leader in it and its operating system has supported multitasking for ages. iOS 5’s new Notification Center shows all your phone notifications including SMSs, emails, friend requests, and others in a single place.
Android phones are catching fast with Apple products that use iOS. Apple’s latest operating system can work only on Apple products, but that is not the case with Ice cream Sandwich. So far ice cream Sandwich has appeared on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Its operating system is an open source OS, and it can easily run on any third-party phones and tablets.
Another great feature that is available on both the operating systems is cloud computing. Apple has put in a new feature on its latest operating system that is called iCloud. Android cloud computing may use Google music to store data. Google has been in cloud computing for several years.
When it comes to quality of photos that the two operating systems produce, the two compete very well on many a counts. With Ice Cream Sandwich Google has given many new photo tools that were not available in older versions. The best feature of ice Cream Sandwich are photo-editing tools in the image gallery. It helps in improving many photos that include red-eye reduction, straightening, and hipster filters. On the other hand iOS 5 comes with great photo editing tools that many further improve the quality of pictures. The new OS from Apple lets you switch between the camera and camcorder modes, besides of course between the front and rear cameras.
While it’s true that most good apps go to the App Store, some are expensive, and some are useless. In the Android Market, half of the apps are free, most are useful. And it is true that Android is prone to hacks and malware, the developer treats you like an adult and can fix it. Apple just give you a newiphone. And if you jailbreak your iphone, if there’s a problem, Apple won’t fix it or give you a new one. Google don’t care if you rooted your Android device. Siri is basically an annoying AI that may be useful in some cases, but you have basically the same thing with Android that doesn’t use a robot(ironically).


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