Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top 5 Free Games for Samsung Bada OS

The Samsung handsets featuring the Bada operating system are growing both in features and in popularity. With cool features being accompanied by such handsets, the Samsung Bada featured phones are becoming more and more sought after these days. The handsets will not support the Android Market (as we already know), but they do support the Samsung app Store.

The Samsung app Store might not be as voluminous as the Android Market, but is in the process of development. With more and more games being available from the Samsung app Store, it might become rather difficult for you to choose the right games for download. So, here is a quick take on the top 5 games for you to try out on your Bada OS.

1. Empire Defense Lite
Those of you, who are aficionados of strategy and defense games, need to at least try this game. This is a game based on the category of Tower Defense. Many of us must have tried the game RoboDefense on the Android handsets. This game is of the same genre, but at least twice as difficult as and much more enhanced in features and possibilities than the Android counterpart. The game requires the player to safeguard his empire at one end of the screen from enemies coming from the other end of the screen on foot, horses, air etc. by the placing of towers and upgrading the same. The graphics of the game is astounding (seems better than the RoboDefense to me)!

2. Asphault 5
The game is quite wonderful to be considered for download. The game comes pre-installed in some of the Bada featured handsets. This is a car racing game, and makes full use of the accelerometer sensor. The game is quite addictive and great fun to play. This has been developed by Gameloft. Through this game, you can actually ride in over 30 of the fastest, most prestigious cars you’ve ever dreamed of, from manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati.

3. Kroll 
The game is role based, and consists of a scrolling-fighter. This game actually sets the bar for 3D graphics on WAVE. The game provides a good blend of modern 3D sceneries with ’80s style gameplay. The game seems to be a mindless hack’n’slash game with amazing visuals in a fantasy world. The game is quite easy to play. This game is actually recommended for those who are fans of action adventure games with casual controls and hectic gameplay that bring memories to the 80s games with very modern art. The game has been developed by Digital Legends Entertainment, S.L.

4. Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior

The game has been developed by the Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC. This game is the winner of the People’s Choice Award of the 2010 International Mobile Games Awards. The genre of this game being 3D martial arts, the game features players who are fighting in historical locations around the world in an attempt to become the Master of Martial Arts and honor Bruce Lee’s legacy. This game is exclusively available for the Bada as of now.

5. Need For Speed Shift
This game comes from the abode of Electronic Arts, and is the best game available as of now. This game is available for download as freeware, which is in contrast to that of the iOS version of the game which is paid. Riding on the coolest cars available, you shall traverse the streets of Chicago, Dubai, Italy and London in 24 Street and Pro-Racing events.


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