Thursday, 28 June 2012

iPhone5 – launch and features

According to the rumors, iPhone5 is about to be launched, possibly on September 7 after the latest revelations. But why everyone expect the new iPhone?
For a number of new and exciting features that will capture and will be one of the most powerful and popular gadgets on the market. Here’s a brief list of some features of the iPhone5 :

1. Storage Capacity: Apple offer 16 and 32 Gb since 2009, so the new iPhone 5 will have 64 GB. Of course there will be a low cost model that will be equipped with only 32 GB.
2. Signal: iPhone4, unlike the new iPhone5 will not have a problem with the signal and it provides the strongest signal than any iPhone or another smartphone on the market.
3. Face Recognition: iPhone5 will have this service for security reasons, so do not worry that other people can steal your phone and try to use it.
4. Thickness: Last 3 iPhone models have body increasingly narrower than the previous model and is expected to be the iPhone5 and narrow but with design forms in general more attractive.
5. Battery life: Up to 14 hours using 3G and 7 hours using 4G.
6. Video Chat: Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one.
7. Processor: iPhone5 will be equipped with a A5 dual core processor, which can make high quality video rendering as a series of operations much faster.
8. Display: Apple will use for iPhone5, Shatter, highly scratch-resistant screen.
9. GPS: it has a built-in GPS module, so you will not succeed in wasting or use low quality GPS applications.
10. Operating System: Apple will introduce is anticipated for iPhone5 latest iPhone operating system called IOS 5.
11. Surprise: it’s a tradition for Apple to keep some surprise features to launch, so we can expect for the new iPhone5 a few of them.


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