Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nokia Style WP7 Theme For SPB Shell - Symbian S60V5

Nokia Lumia created a hype by launching Amazing Breath taking range of Windows Phone 7 devices, Leaving their Old fashioned Symbian behind. People were really surprised to see WP7's tiles home screen and other cool features.

If you guys still use Old Symbian devices then this theme will help you enjoy 

Compatible Devices

This theme works with All Symbian devices with SPB Shell v3.7.1 Installed. If you don't have SPB Shell v3.7.1 then click here.

This Theme Works with S60V5, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle.


Download All the files given below, then move on to Installation section for full detailed steps for installation on your device.

Size: 13.42 MB, (WinRar File)


The Installation process is easy, If you are aware of SPB Shell themes then you'll find it easy to Install this theme, First time users may find it confusing, Just follow the steps given below to Install this Theme.

Step 1: Before Beginning, Make Sure that you've Installed SPB Shell v3.7.1 or  higher on your device.

Step 2: After Installing SPB Shell v3.7.1, Exit SPB Shell.
(Go to SPB Shell settings > Tap on Settings on bottom right side > Now tap on Exit Shell)

Step 3: Download This Theme from the given link and Extract it using WinRar.

Step 4: Copy Folder named 'SPBShell' and paste it in your device. (E:/Others) 

Step 5: Delete SpbShell_20028b16.reg file from C:/System/Apps  

(Use Ovi Suite or Mass Storage Mode)

Step 6: Copy 'MSettings' file and paste it in your device. (E:/)

Step 7: Install WP7 Dark theme Sis file to your device.

Step 8: After Installing 'WP7DarkTheme.sis' to your device, Set theme.
(Go to your Device Settings > Personal > Themes > WP7 Dark > Set Theme)

Step 9: Now Open SPB Shell, Go to SPB Shell Settings > Tap on Bottom Right > Restore Settings

Step 10: Now Browse the 'MSettings' file and Wait for SPB Shell to Load.


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