Monday, 2 July 2012

How to Back Up to your system?

There are many steps to save data with backup regularly.

1. Back up regularly your data. It is important factor for you to get backup your files and folder on a regular basis. Because in this global network a computer can crash, a virus, or a hard drive failure can wipe out everything. Don't make this mistake, It depend upon you and your data importance but better technique is that back up everything at least once a week. But if you use your computer daily, it is best to back up important files daily and other data weekly. 

2.Keep several backup copies of same backup. Never back up over a previous backup copy, always try to keep several copies over time so that if one time one back create problem you can user others.. Remember, a problem that is backed up will remain a problem when restored! 

3.Easy way for backup using Be selective method. You don't have to do a total system backup of your system over time, If your are doing so, you are wasting your time. Just back up your important files, folder and photos. Backing up the entire hard drive is time-consuming, not practical, and should not be done. A backup of specific data files is the way to go. But a best technique is that first install your all computer program and system drivers then do a backup using any third party software (cloning software) like Norton ghost or others of your C drive once, this backup will help you to restore your all computer program in 15 min in case of any problem and do important data backup daily or weekly.


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