Monday, 2 July 2012

How to remove Facebook Timeline

Timeline interface is criticized by many users of social network (Facebook). Undoubtedly, the main reason it’s because of the aspect (or it should be), because there can be no intimacy.
Thus, sensitive moments when, under the influence of certain conditions (too euphoric or, conversely, sadness), prompted you to post statuses and/or compromising photos that can be viewed and used against you by malevolent people.

Because Facebook has no explicit option to disable the timeline, the easiest solution is to resort to extensions that do this by simply installing them. Because it runs in the browser, there are separate extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Soon, such extension will be available for Safari.

Notice Timeline will disappear only in the browser where you install these extensions, in other words they are useful only for personal use, for those who want to get rid of this interface. Another drawback is that, currently, extension concerns only the user profile, not Facebook pages.
Disable Timeline in Google Chrome
Click here or:
  • Launch Chrome browser and go to the Tools -> Extensions.
  • Click Get More Extensions link at the bottom.
  • Remove Timeline Search extension and install it.
  • Note extension (active by default) in the upper right corner of your browser.
If the Timeline is not resolved after you install the Facebook homepage refresh or restart your browser.
Remove Timeline available options offered appear right clicking the icon. These are: Disable (if you return to the Timeline), Uninstall (Removing extension), Hide Button (hiding icon associated extension).

Disable Timeline in Mozilla
  • Click on the link to Remove Timeline extension
  • Install Timeline Remove extension.
  • Refresh Facebook page or restart your browser.
  • Remove Timeline icon is located in the lower right corner of your browser. Right click on it for options.


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