Monday, 2 July 2012

How to uninstall the windows XP using command prompt?

Today tip will help you uninstall the upgraded version of windows XP using the command prompt options. If you have upgraded your operating system from the previous versions of windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Millennium Edition (Me) and now you wants to revert to the operating system that was previously installed on your computer. Windows XP can be removed by uninstalling from a Command Prompt option in Safe mode because XP includes the Uninstall Windows XP option.

Follow the given steps to revert to the operating system that was previously installed on your computer:
To manage windows XP, first you should log onto your computer with administrative rights.

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First boot your system in Safe mode by pressing F8 button at the same time before the windows
 logo appears.
First click on Start button and type cmd in Run option then press Ok button to display the Command Prompt.

At the command prompt type cd/ command and press enter.
Now again type the command cd\windows\system32 and press enter button. After execution of this command, system will change the previous directory mode

Now type the command at command prompt osuninst.exe to start the process

Now on the computer screen, follow the instructions on the screen to begin uninstalling Windows XP from your computer to restore the previous operating system.


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