Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Kindle Touch Software Updates to Version 5.1.0 With Language Options, Wi fi Upgrade And Instant Translation

Before the launch of Kindle Touch 3G there has been a release of software update with amazing new features. The Kindle Touch 3G releases on 27th of April. 
The Kindle Touch Software Update Version 5.1.0 is available for download here which supports both 3G and Wi-Fi devices from Kindle.
Kindle Touch thumb Kindle Touch Software Updates to Version 5.1.0 With Language Options, Wi fi Upgrade And Instant Translation
How to Manually Update the Kindle Touch 5.1.0 update:
First you need to check whether you have latest firmware version or not. For this Home>Menu>Settings>Menu>Device Info
  • First download the update file
  • Using USB cable plug your Kindle Touch to the PC
  • Now drag the downloaded file onto the root folder of the Kindle Touch. (not other folders)
  • You will see the file transfer progress. Wait until it finishes. After completion you can disconnect the Kindle with PC
  • Go to Kindle’s homescreen. Then got to Menu then Settings then Menu and finally Update Your Kindle. Tap OK to confirm.
  • Kindle Touch will restart after which you can see Your Kindle is Updating which means you update is in progress
  • After completion the device will restart again and you are good to go
That is that. You have successfully updated the new 5.1.0 version of Kindle Touch Software
You also have the option of updating the Kindle Software via Wi-Fi in the coming weeks.
Take a look at the new features of Kindle Touch 5.1.0 update
  1. Language: The Kindle Touch will start to support multiple languages such as English (US and UK), German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese.
  2. Translation : Now you can easily translate word or phrased. All you need to do is tap any word or highlight a section to instantly translate into other languages with the help of Bing Translator. The translation will be available in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Dutch, and Danish. But remember you need and internet connection.
  3. Kindle Format 8 Support: You can now experience new format that helps you in enhanced layouts and formatting.
  4. Switch the View Mode: The Kindle Touch switches between portrait and landscape orientation in ebooks and PDFs. Change it via Settings because it doesn’t automatically rotate. The rotation only takes place in two ways, not all the four.
  5. Wi-Fi Upgrade: It will now support WPS and select WPA2 Enterprise networks.
  6. Share: Share the content you are reading on Facebook and Twitter by tapping to share a link along with your comments.
  7. Text-to-Speech:  This feature reads  texts for you. It gets some improvement by adding support for summaries of newspaper and magazine articles.
  8. Keyboard Prediction: You will displayed predicted words by keyboard that helps you reduce your time.


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