Monday, 2 July 2012


Mic Locker is acronym of Microphone Locker which use in chat room yahoo messenger to lock the talk button (green color). With Mic Locker software you can play a song in chat room via winamp or other software sound without you need a microphone installed in your computer. Manually, we can play a song in chat room by attaching microphone to the speaker active. But with this software you just play a song or sound or voice with your winamp program and directly play your song in chat room. No need microphone or speaker its self. MicLocker also easy to use: Just drag the mic locker to the talk green button and you can enjoy the facility of this software

Heretic Mic Locker

There are many of mic locker used in chat room yahoo messenger. I just want to share one of them that I usually use and play a winamp song in my chat room: Heretic Lock. You can download Heretic Lock with a free payment cause this is free ware software:


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