Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Now Google Chrome available to iPhone & iPad Device : iOS 4.3 or later

Google has just announced Chrome for iPhone and iPad. It’s something iOS users have been asking for for a very long time, and plenty of people will be happy about this news. The app will be for iOS 4.3 and higher devices, and will be available today. The app will also support Chrome sync, and looks like it’s just as full-featured as the browser which many of us know and love.
Chrome for iOS will inherit the same features as Chrome for Android, including the ability to flick through tabs. Users can switch from one tab to the other by simply dragging their finger from the left or the right edge.
iPhone and iPad users will also enjoy Chrome Sync, which syncs their web browsing history and settings across various devices and platforms that support Chrome. iOS users will also enjoy the ability to login with saved passwords as well as private browsing, just like their counterparts from other platforms.
Google confirmed that Chrome now has 310 million active users, making it the “most popular browser in the world”.
Google Chrome will be available to iPhone and iPad users running their devices on iOS 4.3 or later. It still hasn’t debuted at the App Store, but Google said that should happen later today. The app supports Chrome sync so that if you’re using Chrome on your desktop computer too, you’ll have all your bookmarks, searches, etc. with you on your iDevice.


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