Monday, 2 July 2012

The Perfect iPhone Photo Gadget – iPro Lens System

The iPhone has become something of a must-have gadget for the new generation – a new symbol of cool. Even though both the iPhone and its successor, the iPhone 4S have great cameras, there is always room for improvement. The iPhone photography industry is constantly developing new and advanced accessories much to the delight of all the iPhoneographers out there.
The latest addition is the iPro Lens System developed by Schneider Optics, a professional lens manufacturing company, which comes at an affordable price of $199.


  • The iPro Lens System is designed specifically for the iPhone and iPhone 4S.
  • It comes bundled with a durable case which provides much-needed protection from bumps and scratches, two types of lenses and a handle.
  • Both lenses use a bayonet mount to fasten securely onto the iPhone case.
  • The handle can be attached on either the left or right side of the iPhone.
  • Lenses can be safely stored away in the handle itself which also acts as a tripod mount adapter.
  • All the components are designed to work together.
  • Whole system is portable.
  • Additional lenses, iPhone cases or replacement parts can be bought separately.


  • The two types of lenses provided are: Fish-eye lens and Wide-Angle lens. While the Fish-eye lens captures images with a spectacular 165° field of view, the Wide-Angle Lens provides an astounding 35° wider field of view.
  • The iPro Lens System produces sharp, high quality images.
  • A wide-angle 70° field of view is given when shooting a video.
Perfect for taking a number of landscape shots or simply capturing more in one photo, this is the accessory for avid iPhoneographers who desire the very best photo gadget for their device.


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