Monday, 2 July 2012

Tips To Root Samsung galaxy Nexus

Rooting of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus is extremely essential to unlock the full potential of the phone and to enable it to play all the apps and all the games made for the device. Rooting of a Samsung Nexus is a very easy process if one is able to follow the below mentioned 7 steps. It will hardly cost a couple of minutes to the user. However, there is a pre-requisite for this – the device which has to be rooted must have the file present in it.

1. The first step involves extracting the zip file to a folder in the phone.
2. Next, turn off the phone.
3. In the next step, the device has to be put in the bootloader mode. This can be done easily by holding simultaneously the volume up and volume down button. The device will put itself to the bootloader mode at once.
4. At this stage, the Nexus will need the help of a PC to get rooted. Using a data cable, the Nexus should be connected to the PC.


5. The users having a Galaxy Nexus retail version, for them an extra step awaits- unlocking the bootloader. Those using the regular version can continue to the next step. Simply double clicking on ‘fastboot-windows.exe’ from the file where the superboot zip was extracted.
6. Windows users need to double click on ‘install-superboot-windows.bat’ and the device rooting is done.
For users who find these steps problematic can follow another set of steps to root their Nexus.
7. The first step will be to download the superboot zip file in a pc and extract it.
8. The next step is to USB debugging on by the user and then go to settings.
9. The phone has to be plugged to the pc foer the next step to be carried out.
10. Super root folder is opened and the shift key is held down. After that, blank spaces have to be clicked. A window named open command opens on its own.
11. Keep the next button pressed each time it appears on a new window.
12. Once the app is loaded, the phone will show a display window asking the user to confirm. Once done, the phone will go to the bootloader mode back again.
13. The user has to use the PC again and go to installation window of the super boot and click it.
The rooting is done. The device is ready. It is ready for all the apps and games, even those which require a rooting permission before running on an android platform. A custom ROM is advisable to be installed in the phone in order to get the maximum out of your recently rooted phone. The above mentioned technique varies only slightly from the previous one but is advantageous in the sense it works for both the variations of the phone- the GSM as well as the LTE variety. So your Nexus is like a tree now- keep it rooted and keep enjoy the fruits (APPS)!


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