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Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

Top 10 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Draw Something 
Price: Free
Download Link
 : Draw Something
This social drawing and guessing game app is a kind of Pictionary for your Smartphone. You have to select one of three words (easy, medium and hard) and draw an image from the given word list. As you submit the drawing to other players, they are required to guess it. If other players guessed the image correctly, then you both will get virtual coins. You can change the pen thickness as well as colour. To use this app, you have to create an account with the app or you can also login with your Facebook account. Login through Facebook will provide you a benefit of being able to start playing game with friends who are already playing. Users can invite other players through email.

2. Skype
Price: Free
Download Link
 : Skype
This app lets the users to chat with their friends and make free Skype-to-Skype voice & video calls and enjoy high-quality sound. Users can make calls on their standard 3G or Wi-Fi. It also lets the users tocall and SMS at low rates to any mobile and landline. Users are able to share file, photos and videos for free with any of their contacts. Users having device with Android 2.3 or up can enjoy face-to-face chat using Skype. To enjoy all these services, you have to first create an account after downloading the app. HD video calls can be enjoyed at any place with 1.9MP front facing camera of your Galaxy S3.

3. SwiftKey X
Download Link
 : SwiftKey X
SwiftKey X is the best app for the people who don’t like the native keyboard of Galaxy S3. This app transforms the touchscreen keyboard of your Smartphone into a keyboard powered by smarter natural language technology’ and thus makes the typing simpler. It supports 35 different languages and also predicts words. It also allows the users to adjust the height and width of the keys as well as to change the keyboard theme with variety of colours. Users are not required to learn a new way of typing as they can use this app as a traditional keyboard. Compared to other keyboards, SwiftKey X keyboard provides much precise corrections and predictions. Users can personalize SwiftKey X by using their Twitter, Gmail, RSS feeds, Facebook and SMS messages so that it can learn their writing style.

4. Remote Viewfinder
Download Link
 Remote Viewfinder
Remote Viewfinder app allows you to experience a new means of photo capturing. Samsung SMART Camera can be controlled remotely through Wi-Fi streaming by using your Smartphone. This app lets the Galaxy S3 users to focus control parameters and Geo-tag photos. Users can also preview image directly on their smartphone and capture images in any position. The captured photo will be saved on your Camera and Smartphone.

5. Adobe Photoshop Touch
Download Link
 Adobe Photoshop Touch
The new Adobe Photoshop Touch app allows the users to manipulate photographs and create amazing images with features like layers, adjustments, Refine Edge, Scribble Selection tool and filters. Users can merge photographs, edit specific elements and apply professional effects. There is a unique camera fill feature, which helps you to fill an area on a layer by using S3 camera. Step-by-step tutorials are provided for you, to learn techniques. As you create your masterwork, you can share it with you friends and family via social networking sites like Facebook and see the comments within the app.

6. NOVA 3
Download Link
 : NOVA 3
Android app of the third installment of NOVA (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) has arrived to Google Play recently. NOVA 3 will look excellent on 4.8-inch HD display of Galaxy S3. This app comes with amazing 3D graphics, outstanding visuals and 6 different maps. The app includes six multiplayer modes, an epic sci-fi storyline, twelve-player battles as well as multiple weapons and powers. The game has 10 levels that last for few hours. This app needs 2GB free storage to install completely.

7. Virtua Tennis
Download Link
 : Virtua Tennis
Virtua Tennis is among the simple and enjoyable tennis games on consoles and the PCs. Users can compete against 50 opponents in 18 locations all over the world. They can play singles or doubles competition. There are total 3 game modes in the game such as Multiplayer, Exhibition Match and SPT World Tour, and 5 different shots. You will have a pot of money which can be used to enter into tournaments. You will get prize money and World Ranking as you win the tournament.

8. Machinarium
Download Link
 : Machinarium
Machinarium is an award winning adventure/puzzle game app in which you will guide a clever little robot named Josef from the scrapheap. Josef has to solve puzzles, brain-teasers, missions and mini-games to go through the different levels. Solving the brain-teasers also makes the city free of the evil Black Cap Brotherhood robots and save his girlfriend. The game has gorgeous graphics, which are totally drawn by hand. 2D backgrounds and characters look amazing on the sharp HD screen of Galaxy S3.

9. Layar
 : Free
Download Link
 : Layar
This app displays digital info using Augmented Reality technology. After creating an account, you can interact with the world just through scanning images with the help of Layar Vision. Users can scan restaurant menus, advertising posters and magazines. There are more than 3,000 Digital information, “Layers” in the catalog. Users can share the augmented experiences through Facebook and Twitter. They can also share their favorite spots, layers and screenshots to any social network by connecting their Layar account.

10. Choice GO Locker Theme
Download Link
 : Choice GO Locker Theme
Choice GO Locker Theme app lets the users to change the interface style of S3 completely. It makes Smartphone outstanding by providing Cool locker theme. Users are required to have GO locker V1.05 installed in their Smartphone. This app must be used with X Ray theme. To select and apply a theme to your device, go to “Menu” option, then “Plugins” and GO Locker.


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