Thursday, 28 June 2012

Firefox 4 Final Version

It has been Several months since Firefox 4 Beta was made available to download. Now Mozilla has released the final version of Firefox 4 brining in a lot of improvements and new User Interface enhancements. With a very sleek design resembling that of Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 is definitely refreshing in appearance.
Mozilla claims Firefox 4 is 6 times faster than it’s predecessor in JavaScript performance, start-up and page load times, and web application performance. Firefox 4 takes advantage of hardware acceleration to deliver rich website content in lightning speeds.


Coming to the User Interface, this is where we see major enhancements. First of all, you now get to choose ‘Tabs on Top’, similar to that of IE 9. Next, there is the pinning of most visited web apps to the tab bar, a la Google Chrome.
Not all UI features are borrowed from fellow browsers. Firefox 4 introduces ‘Switch to Tab’, a newly added feature which avoids opening of duplicate tabs. Say you have already open ‘’ in a tab. You now forgot about it after an hour of browsing, opened a new tab and started typing.
Firefox 4 will now prevent you from opening a duplicate tab and instead give you the option to ‘Switch to tab’.

Another important new feature is the ‘Tab grouping’, called ‘Panorama’. You can now organize multiple tabs under a group to save time by dragging and dropping their thumbnails around.
Firefox 4 includes a new ‘Add-On Manager’, again a feature already present in Google Chrome and the recently released Internet Explorer 9.

Download Firefox 4 For Windows
Download Firefox 4 For Mac OS X
Download Firefox 4 For Linux


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