Thursday, 28 June 2012

Google Chrome 8 Released With Built-In PDF Viewer, Syncing For Apps

Google Chrome 8 stable version has been released, bringing in around 800 bug fixes in addition to a new built-in PDF viewer that is secured in Chrome sandbox. Chrome 8.0.552.215 is available as an update and may be rolling out silently to everyone in the coming days. If you can’t wait, then manually update Chrome to this latest version.


The PDF viewing ability added to Chrome 8 is a big help as it allows you to view PDF files either on the web or on your Computer without having to install a separate PDF reader. Of course the current PDF viewer does not do much except let you zoom in/out and fit width/fit height. These controls are shown when you move your cursor to the bottom right of Chrome window.

Another new addition comes to the Syncing options; now you can sync apps along with bookmarks, extensions, themes, and other stuff. A future release of Chrome would support a web app store, where developers can submit their apps and users can buy them or download them for free.

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