Thursday, 28 June 2012

Opera 12 Beta Explore New Features

The Opera suite of web browsers have grown in stature in the past couple f years, the company has released so many new variant of their product every time bettering their own previous version and increasingly making it a better product. Today Opera owners a huge amount of market share in the web browsers market and is one of the most popular web browsing softwares in the market. Today we are going to talk about another new variant of the Opera software another milestone by the company we are going to talk about the Opera 12. This one is still in the beta version but has a list of whole new features packed in it. We gave the new Opera a try and here is what we could make out o the new version of the software.
Opera 12 Beta  features

As far as the look and feel of browser is concerned that has been considerably improved from the previous version of the browser, there are new themes available for the browser and the change of themes now is available at the click of a button and there is no need to restart the browser anymore to restart the browser after starting the theme. Now, it is easier to see privacy and security settings on websites with color-coded security badges in the address bar. The browser now supports the languages that are read from right to left like the ones that are followed in the Arabic countries. Now, there is support for video cameras through device APIs, enabling cool new web services such as photo applications and face tracking. Opera will also offer a more robust and powerful API for windows and tabs, allowing extensions to interact with tabs, create groups of tabs, or manage windows a feature that is already present in chrome the Google proprietary web browser.

There are some basic changes in the functionality of the browser which means some change in the code level implementation of the browser:
Quick startup with a smarter tab-loading sequence

When a browser is loaded in your RAM or when the perogramis started the tabs of the GUI are loaded in a particular sequence the sequence has been considerably improved to laoad the pages and the broser in a much faster time.
Faster page loading, even for secure webpages

The page loading time has been optimized and now there is no lag possible even for secure web pages.
64-bit support for Windows and Mac

Now the Windows and MAC systems are slao supported by the new browser that is you can now use the browser on a 64 bit windows machine or even on an Apple MAC.

Opera is also removing the support for Opera Unite and Opera Widgets which were bulky online extensions that were making the browser loose some precious seconds in this competitive market.

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