Sunday, 1 July 2012

Best SmartPhone Apps For Instant Messaging

This has entirely changed the way the way people used to communicate. Its instant alerts and on-time delivery have made this app indispensable for the mobile users. The most interesting feature of this app is that users need not add friends individually on this app as it automatically identifies people using whatsapp from your contact list and shows them offline or online accordingly.
Some advantages of using the app:
It enables you to communicate with friends directly, no matter whether a person is busy in some work or staying out of mobile range. As soon as you send a message, he will promptly receive your message alert. This helped to replace the conventional method of sending mobile SMS. This fantastic app works on almost all leading mobile os platform including Android, iOS, Windows and blackberry.
Let’s find out some more potential apps that are rich in features and give similar results as whatsapp.

1) Yahoo Messenger App:
This is a free app having compatibility to work with almost all major OS including Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Symbian, etc.
Key features include free video calling from yahoo to yahoo, text messaging, file transfer up to 2 GB, email alerts, smiley.

2) Skype App:
This app works on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Windows Os, Windows Mobile, Win Phone 7, Android, Symbian.
Key features:
•         Free file transfer
•         Free audio/video calling from mobile to mobile.
•         instant messaging and many more.
•         Available for free.

3) Viber App:
This is an app for Android OS and iOS. Available for free, the app features instant messaging, bright and clear chatting, message alerts, free calling.

4) Fringe App:
This app is suitable for a number of platforms like Blackberry, Symbian, Android, iphone and Mac OS. The app is free and is one of the most popular app for video calling, text messaging, file transfer, etc.

5) Google Voice App:
This is the best app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry phones.
Key features:
The features offered by this app are similar to those offered by the apps listed above. The main features are:
•         Instant free audio/video calling
•         File transfer
•         Real time text messaging
•         sync with gmail contacts and many others.

6) Trillian App:
This app can be used on Mac/iPhone, Windows, blackberry and Android.
Key features:
•         Multiple instant messaging.
•         Single login with single interface.
•         Users can chat, transfer files, share photos and make calls to their friends having different instant messengers on their phones.

 7) Meebo App:
This is one of the most popular instant messaging app for Android, iphone and Symbian OS.
•A Single interface.
•Allows chatting with multiple instant messaging platforms like yahoo, msn, ai, google talk etc.
Now, chatting is a great fun with these popular instant messaging apps used by the mobile users globally and is just a click away even when you are out of mobile range.


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