Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top 5 Virus Scanner

Some viruses are so strong and powerful that once they enter they complete the damage the computer and any kind of work on the computer becomes difficult. It might also need to be formatted completely to get rid of the virus. Virus can really be a pain because the leave the computer completely damaged. Once they start affecting the computer’s working, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. They may damage the computer either wholly or partially.
An antivirus scans all the programs of your PC and lets you know if there is any malware and if it exists you can easily remove it. Thus it keeps your PC safe from the harmful action and consequences of the virus. You can now also download an online virus scanner.So the prevent the great effect of the virus and to also prevent it from entering your computer what is needed is to install a good antivirus while using the windows operating system. It keeps a check on all the activities being performed and in turn also helps from preventing the entry and action of virus.
Today we have listed best online antivirus scanners for windows operating system users, if you want to scan your PC over internet then you should try these online programs and save your data and files. Surely you love to use these online scan services. Also share your thought in our comment section below.
  • Active Scan 2.0-Panda
A opinion on the security of your PC
  1. Greater detection capacity than traditional antivirus solutions thanks to its latest generation technologies.
  2. Online detection of all types of malware, vulnerabilities and unknown threats.
  3. Easy to use from your browser and always up-to-date against the latest threats.
  4. A free report about threats detected and the status of the security protection installed on your computer.
  5. Compatible with any installed antivirus, the most popular browsers and the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 7.
  • BitDefender QuickScan
Bitdefender QuickScan is an online tool which uses .in-the-cloud. Scanning to detect malware running on a PC very fast, usually in less than 60 seconds.
Because it’s fast! Whenever you need a quick check or a second opinion, such as before logging in to your favourite game, when using your bank account online or buying something online, Quick Scan is the best choice.
To launch a QuickScan you just need to visit and click ‘Start Scan’. For even faster access, Bitdefender QuickScan is also available as an iGoogle widget and as Firefox and Chrome extensions.
In a single word: speed. Most online scanners are merely legacy on-demand scanners that are downloaded (along with a huge virus database) and then used to scan your PC as you would do with a normal Antivirus program. This can usually take from 30 minutes to one hour. Bit defender Quick Scan takes full advantage of the .in-the-cloud. Scanning technology and is capable to detect active malware in less than a minute, taking just a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan. Moreover, there is no need for annoying virus signature updates, as the entire virus database and the scanning engines are hosted on remote servers.

  • ESET Online Scanner


  1. Fast and Easy-to-Use: Installed and activated by a single click.
  2. Always Up-to-Date: Uses the most current threat signatures and heuristic detection algorithms available from ESET’s Threat Lab.
  3. Malware Detection: Detects both known and unknown forms of malware, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing and spyware.
  4. Quarantine: All infiltrations and infected files are moved into the quarantine where they no longer represent any threat for your computer. In addition, quarantined files can be restored or deleted permanently.
  • TrendMicro Housecall-ver 7.2
HouseCall is Trend Micro’s highly popular and capable on-demand scanner for identifying and removing viruses, Trojans, worms, unwanted browser plugins, and other malware. HouseCall 7 features an intuitive interface and the ability to perform fast scans that target critical system areas and active malware. It also leverages the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™ to help ensure that scans catch the latest threats.
This version of HouseCall offers the following improvements:
  1. An enhanced user interface, including:
    • A “select all” option for restoring files
    • An updated display of detected file names in the scan results
    • An updated design for the scanning screen
  2. Improved detection rates
  3. The ability to scan for threats exploiting Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  4. Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer
  5. Improved performance during full scans
  6. Better overall scan performance (especially when scanning port lpt1)
  • F-Secure Online Scanner
Online Scanner can help get rid of viruses and spyware causing problems on your PC.After running Online Scanner, you should make sure that you have an up-to-date security solution keeping your computer free of problems in the future. JavaScript needs to be enabled, and you need to have at least Version 6 Update 10 of Java Runtime Environment installed.


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