Monday, 2 July 2012

How to Take HDR Photos on iPhone 3Gs

With iOS 4, Apple added HDR photo taking capability in iPhone's camera app. But this feature was only for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and 3Gs was not given this feature, even knowing that iPhone 3Gs hardware is capable of taking HDR photos.

People expected that Apple will include HDR feature for 3Gs in future updates. But even after the release of iOS 5, there was no sign of HDR in iPhone 3GS camera. My Cydia tweaks likeHDR camera enabler, HDREnabler etc. were released which can enable HDR on 3Gs, But none of them worked.

Today I'll show you 'How you can take HDR photos on iPhone 3Gs.' We'll be using third party apps and if you're Jailbroken then you can download them for Free from the below links.

What is HDR?

HDR Stands for High Dynamic Range, A high dynamic range image combines a series of photographs (usually 3 photos), each shot at a different exposure. The first photo is shot underexposed (Dark), Second with perfect expose and Third Overexposed (Light). Then All three photos are merged into one, This brings out more details. 

Below is an Example of HDR Photography (The photos below were shot by professionals with their equipment)

Can you see How detailed are the photos, We can see Cloud details, Ground details etc. Which is impossible to get in a photo with same exposure. HDR combines 3 photos with different exposures and then we have a very detailed picture.

iPhone's inbuilt HDR feature.

If you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, then you can simply use the inbuilt HDR mode in Camera app.

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How to Take HDR Photos on iPhone 3GS.

Apple kept iPhone 3GS away from inbuilt HDR feature But that doesn't mean that you can't take High Dynamic Range photos. There are a plenty of third party apps which allow you to do HDR photography using 3GS.

Here are some Best Apps, You can Download them from the link given below.

1) True HDR

This App is very popular and shoots Amazing HDR Photos. I've tried this app on my iPhone 3GS and it was just awesome, at least I liked it. I recommend this app.

2) Top Camera

This is a full fledged camera app, It has lots of camera features. It also shoots HDR photos. If you're looking for a complete All-in-one camera app then your search ends now. I've used top camera and it is really amazing.

3) Pro HDR

Pro HDR is also a good app and its very simple to use. It can shoot HDR photos and you can also use it for shooting normal photos. It allows users to capture Manual HDR photos as well as Auto.


HDR FX allows you to have Single-Photo HDR Effect on your photos and at the same time to experience special functions that HDR FX provides. It helps you make photos look more impressive and gorgeous than what you experience in a real world.

With HDR FX you can also share your photos to Instagram. 


So using these apps you can capture amazing High Dynamic Range photos on your iPhone 3GS or other iOS Device. 

Below are Some HDR Photos taken by me with my iPhone 3GS using Top Camera ;)
These images are untouched, I've not edited these photos. They are shot on my iPhone 3Gs using Top Camera app.







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